Shop our printed silk scarves

We love printed silk scarves because they are a simple, elegant and timeless accessory. They go well with a pair of jeans and even better with a formal dress. Luxurious, yet unpretentious, printed silk scarves always make a wonderful gift. To us at Shevitza, the printed silk scarf means even more – it is a canvas for our design; it helps us create souvenirs full of meaning and local inspiration. Souvenirs one can wear.

Beautifully packaged and gift-ready

We know that our pieces make a wonderful gift from Bulgaria and the Balkans. That is why each item is packaged in an elegant gift box and accompanied by a bilingual booklet.

Locally inspired

Our source of inspiration is Balkan textile heritage. We visit museums, study ethnographic books and explore private collections in order to gather the most striking textile designs. We dive deep into research and dig out a wealth of shapes and colours that are worth sharing with the world. After we choose our favourite motifs, we reimagine them into new prints. We rearrange, recolour and redesign the authentic figures because we strongly believe that good design shouldn’t just copy-and-paste. Instead, it should innovate and contribute.

Made with care

Our printed silk scarves are made in a family-owned Greek mill. Its proximity and high standards ensure quality and conscious production. Our partners are experts in weaving and printing. In order to make our pieces, they import high quality raw silk thread from China, weave the silk fabric locally and print with certified non-toxic Dupont dyes. They finish each scarf with fine hand-rolled edges.