We are a family owned business

We are SilkShevitza – a family owned business based in Sofia, Bulgaria. Our products are based on authentic Balkan textile motifs. Our design mission is to strip all that is dusty and archaic from these motifs and reveal their essence – their strive for pure geometry, their rhythm, their neat and systematic stylisation of life.

Our work process always starts with research. We’ve been researching local embroidery figures for four years now. We visit ethnographic museums, study old books and look through private textile collections to gather the most distinct, idiosyncratic and peculiar figures from all over Bulgaria. Once we have the authentic motifs we digitalise them, reimagine and transform them. 

Lately, we’ve been running away from literal interpretation of what has been. Instead we choose to interpret more abstract aspects of textile making. Our latest collection, STITCHES, for example is inspired by schemes of commonly used embroidery stitches.

Once we’ve finished the designs we print, knit or weave the designs into contemporary accessories. We knit in Bulgaria, print in Greece and weave in Sweden. Our partners are all family owned businesses, just like ours. Their capacity and experience exceeds ours and help us improve. We make sure that our fashion and home accessories are made of quality materials but we also do our best to make them affordable.

And all we do comes with a single hope – that long forgotten local motifs will become part of contemporary design in and outside of Bulgaria. Because these motives were never meant to gather dust in books or museums.

They were made to be worn. Every day.


Designer & Co-founder